Start-Up Business Class

As a member of the Start-Up Business Class you can become a permanent resident of Canada.


Our immigration consultants, we can provide honest helpful advice with your application under the start-up business class. Your consultant will review your application to ensure that you meet current admissibility requirements and can communicate directly with Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada on your behalf. Choosing the right immigration consulting company is an important consideration. You want to ensure that they have the expertise to assist you in meeting your immigration needs. We have provided a brief outline of the requirements to immigrate to Canada under the Start-Up Business Class:

Requirements to take part in this class

To qualify as a start-up business, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You have started a qualifying business in which you provide active and ongoing management from within Canada; a significant part of its operations occurs in Canada; it is incorporated in Canada; and has an ownership structure (as defined by the Minister) where you hold, at least, a minimum percentage of voting rights for all outstanding shares.
  • You have obtained a commitment from business incubators, angel investor groups, or venture capitalist funds, which is less than 6 months old, on the day you apply for a permanent resident visa.
  • You have submitted the results of a language test, which shows that you scored at least benchmark 5, that is less than 2 years old on the date you apply for permanent residence.
  • You have sufficient assets available for your use unencumbered by debts or other obligations (which does not result from an investment by a designated entity and) that is equal to half of the amount identified in the low income cut-offs by Statistics Canada.
Low Income Cut-Off (LICO) to calculate minimum necessary income from statistics Canada, 2017>

<strong>What is a peer review?</strong>

<p>An officer may ask an independent panel of experts  (or your peers in your selected profession) review the startup, applicants and designated entities to if she believes that an independent assessment will help the application. A peer review must be independent and deal with industry standards. The results of an assessment are not binding on an officer. </p>

<strong>How many people can apply under this immigration class?</strong>

<p>A maximum of 5 applicants can apply under the Start-Up Business Class. </p>

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