Study Permit

You need a study permit to study in Canada.


Our immigration consultants can help you to apply for a study permit in Canada after you have received your acceptance letter from a college or university. Your consultant will also help you to ensure that you meet the requirements for admissibility to Canada and that you consider both the short-term and long-term goals of your immigration. Initially, you may just want to attend classes. After graduation, you may want to use your experience to work in Canada. Preparing an application with a view to your long-term success in Canada can be an important first step! Learn more about our immigration consultants can help you to apply for a study permit in Canada.

Canada offers one of the top education systems in the world. Your Canadian post-secondary education can help you to apply for permanent residency in Canada, after your studies. Speak with an immigration consultant for advice in this area.

As an international student, you can bring your spouse and minor children to Canada who will be eligible for an open work permit. You may also be able to apply for a Post-Graduate Work Permit. Your immigration consultant can help you to understand the requirements for work permits as well as where individuals may go wrong in their application.

Do you need a permit to attend classes in Canada?

You must have a permit to study in Canada unless authorized to do so.

What are the requirements to get a permit to study?

Our immigration consultants have provided you with a brief overview of the legal requirements for a study permit as follows:

  • You must have a letter of acceptance from a school, college or university that has accepted. The government of Canada has a list of primary and secondary schools for international students referred to as “designated learning institutions.”
  • You must have enough money so you will not need to work in Canada to pay your tuition fees, and to care as well as transport your family members and yourself.
  • You must enroll at the school, college, or university that has accepted you, and you must actively pursue your education.
  • You have a duty while studying, to provide an officer with evidence that you are complying with the conditions in your study permit, when requested.
  • You have a valid passport or travel document.
  • You are admissible to Canada.

When can you study in Canada without a permit?

You may study in Canada wihout a study permit if your program of study (or class) is 6 months or less. You should apply for this program or course before you enter Canada. The class must end within the timeframe provided for in your stay. Speak with an immigration consultant for greater details in this area.

How long is a study permit valid?

A study permit is valid for the length of your study program plus an additional 90 days. After this period, your study permit will no longer be valid.

Can you continue to attend classes if your permit has expired?

If you applied to renew your study permit before it expired, you may continue to attend classes providing that you continue to comply with the conditions described in your permit. Your immigration consultant can help you to ensure that you meet the requirements to renew your permit of study.

To renew your study permit, do you need to take a medical exam?

If you are seeking to renew your permit to study (or intend to remain in Canada as a temporary resident) for more than 6 months, you must take a medical exam.

Further, if you leave Canada to visit a country that has a higher rate of serious communicable disease than Canada for a period of 6 months, you must take a medical exam. The decision to study or work overseas can have an impact on the way that Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada deals with your case. Speaking with a licensed immigration consultant can be your best choice!

Can I return home?

You can leave Canada to return home during a scheduled break from school. When you return home, you need to show proof to an officer that you are enrolled at your school. Further, if you arrived with a visa or electronic travel authorization, you need to make that the documents are still valid.

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