Canadian Experience Class


We offer honest, professional legal advice from licensed immigration consultants to foreign nationals who intend to apply for permanent residence based on their experience working in Canada. Your consultant can help you to determine if you meet admissibility requirements for immigration to Canada. We have outlined some requirements for admission under the Canadian Experience Class if you have Canadian work experience and are a skilled worker.

What are the requirements of this class?

To qualify under the “Canadian Experience Class,” you need to meet the following requirements:

  • You have at least 1 year of full-time experience in a middle to senior management role (or NOC 0 Management Occupations) in Canada
    occurring in the previous 3 years before applying;
  • If your Work Experience was gained in more than 1 job, you meet the language skill requirements for the job where you gained the majority
    of your experience;
  • You scored CLB 7 in English or French or French for jobs in NOC 0 or A; or
  • You scored CLB 5 in English or French for jobs in NOC B.
  • the language test, which is valid for 2 years, must evaluate your ability with writing, reading, listening and speaking the language.
  • At your job, you did the work described in the “lead statement” for that job; and
  • You performed most of the main duties of the job as described in its occupational description.
  • You are admissible to Canada
  • You will live anywhere in Canada except Quebec. (If you want to live in Quebec, it offers its own skilled workers program).

Your immigration consultant can help you to review the Express Entry requirements to immigrate to Canada as a permanent resident under the Candian experience Class.

If you were studying full-time, do you qualify for this class?

Your work experience gained while studying full time cannot be used for your permanent resident application under this class.

If you were self-employed, can you apply under this immigration class?

You need to employed by a Canadian employer to gain the 1 year of Canadian experience required for the Candian Experience Class

What documents do you need to apply under this class?

You need to provide the following documents:

  • your passport or travel document;
  • your language test results
  • your educational assessment report to gain points for education occurign outside Canada;
  • your provincial nomination, if you are nominated;
  • your written job offer from a Canadian emmployer
  • your police certificates for you and your family (including every country where you or a family member have stayed for a duration of
    6 months during the last 10 years
  • your medical exams

Speak with your immigration consultant to determine if you have all the necessary documents to apply under the Canadian Experience Class. We can also help you to avoid common problems occuring with immigration applications.

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